The Energy of Flow and Clearing Energetic Blocks Plus Q&A

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Thank you very much for inviting us in tonight. We’re very glad to be here, and we thank you for allowing us to participate in this beautiful gathering of souls and beings.   We would like to talk to little bit tonight about the energy of exchange, as well as the energy of love. You have all been talking about the experiences that you have had over the last two to four weeks, some of which have been somewhat energetically challenging. You probably are also noticing things that you did not notice before. Many people, as we’ve talked about before, are having some challenges with what we will call  the 3-D world or the old world. We want to provide you with some information something to assist you in helping things. It’s about perceiving  the energy of change. We hope that we can help you fine-tune some of the information that you you’re receiving and fine-tune yourself to allow your own inner being and energy to flow through you more freely.

Changes are happening in the external world and all the new energies are filtering into your planet, into your vibratory field, and it can be a little disconcerting to not understand what you’re feeling, whether it is the information you’re receiving from others or the information you’re receiving from yourself. You are probably feeling the energy of a lot of stopping and a lot of starting or the energy of the roller coaster. You’re going up and then you’re coming down but quickly sometimes. So we are hoping that we can provide you with some guidance that will allow those ups and downs to be less high and less low and help you to understand how much more easily you can float through the experiences and circumstances that are touching you now.

Everything is energy whether it is the chair you’re sitting or a car you drive, the things that you feel, your emotions, people around you, the beings around you, or your health. All are energetic components. So we want you to think from the perspective that anything that we’re talking about relates to the energy of flow.  Anything and everything can flow, from material things to emotions to love. So anything that we talk about is from the perspective of hoping to help you clear any potential block and helping things flow little bit more easily.  We want you to understand that this can apply to any part of your life. So when you are feeling blocked or have a weird feeling that you are in a situation where your emotions are low or your emotions are high or you’re going through this roller coaster, there are a few things that we’d like you to look at and put into perspective.

We’re going to give you an example of a situation where every day you come into your home and you put what you’re carrying on a table in the hallway. Above that table there’s a hole in the wall, and you say to yourself I’ve got to fix that. You then go about your business, and a week passes. Every single day you come in, and you stare at that wall, and you think I need to fix that hole in the wall. Now, two months, three months, six months pass, and every time you pass by you think and worry about needing to fix the  hole in the wall. When you don’t do anything about it, you’re actually creating an energy blockage. You have a little bit of stuck energy that isn’t going anywhere. Every time you say yourself I need  to fix the hole in the wall and you don’t do something about it, it creates a little bit of an energy blockage.  We can tell you that the longer you keep saying you need to fix the hole in the wall and the longer you go on doing nothing about it, that little bit of stuck energy becomes big. This is a bit of a silly example, but you can probably count at least five or six times that you say to yourself every day that you need to do something you’re creating some stuck energy. We illustrate this because what that does for you is create non-movement of energy. The longer that you hold things in and the longer that you say to yourself I need to get this or to do that, and you don’t like all of it, you’re creating some type of blockage of energy. This little blockage that started as a hole in the wall two years ago that you said you would be fixing, and you still think about it every time you walk by it, and you do nothing about it, every time you are adding a little bit more energy on top of that. It’s kind of like the proverbial snowball that gets bigger as time goes by. It’s like when dominos are lined up many many hundreds of yards and you click off the first one and they all go down. So you’re just adding to the energy of this little blockage. You know that two years ago it was a tiny little stoppage or blockage in your energy, and now it’s become bigger, and now it gives you stomach aches, and then something else happens and it ripples.

So, we are illustrating a point to let you know that when you hold on to something, it creates an energy blockage in your field. It can stop energy flow of all sorts of things. This tiny little energy blockage that happened with this little hole in the wall but bothered you two years ago can ultimately stop the flow of well-being in your body. You can stop the well-being in those around you if you allow it to get big. So this is simply a small illustration of how when you are unable to let go and let things flow regarding little things, it can manifest into big energy blockages. We want you to be very aware that when you have repetitive thoughts and are unable to let things go, or you choose not to let things roll off your back, you can create many sorts of stoppages, starts and stops or stops and starts that stagnate your energy.  You feel like you’re going over speed bumps and sometimes hurdles. So we suggest that when you have recognition that you are feeling things or are thinking things and are backed up this way, you have to ask yourself whether this is beneficial for you. It’s really really important for you to be aware of how the little things can become very large things.  We ask you to be aware of these energies which stop you in your head and your soul so that you can actually start slowing them down.  Something as simple as thoughts about a little hole in the wall that happen repeatedly, that you think about and don’t allow the energy to flow, you are actually stopping the flow of anything coming in. We know this is a very small illustration of perspective, but we really want you to think about this in everything that you do.  As you put things off, as you choose to think about things in a way that you know it’s there but you don’t want to do anything about it, you choose to focus on it as if it really doesn’t matter, you are stopping the flow of energy. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a hole in the wall or something to do with a family member or something that you are worried or concerned about, they all can cause blockages in you energy field and stop the influx and the output of energy.

Another thing that we would also ask you to be very aware of is that in the days and times that you’re going through right now you must continue to ensure that the energy is flowing very smoothly with anyone around you. You should be very aware of how you exchange energy with others. If you’re constantly giving of yourself, giving of your time, giving of your material things or money, and you don’t allow that to come back to yourself, you’re going to deplete your energy. You’re going to feel that you traded away without receiving what you want. You also stifle the flow of energy coming in. Also, when you receive without giving, you can stifle the flow. You came to this earth to be vehicles to allow the energy of your life force to flow freely through you. The things that we are talking about tonight are that when you have the repetitive thoughts, you are being depleted and are causing some energy blockages within yourself. You’re not allowing the life force to flow smoothly through you. So we just ask you to examine your practices that box in your feelings as you go through the day, and just be very aware that you have the ability to allow this life force and energy of love to flow through you. If you are in a position where you are feeling that something is not coming into your experience, examine yourself and your surroundings to understand what might be causing the blockages.  It is always easy when you understand how to let the energy flow through you. Think of yourself as a beautiful conduit of energy and allow that life force energy to flow very smoothly into you.  The flow should be a continual flow of beautiful energy.  At any time you’re feeling depleted, you’re probably letting out more energy than you need to do. If you’re in a situation where you feel like you have a lot of energy bouncing around you, a lot of thoughts, excess thoughts, excess energy, you may need to adjust yourself.  Always go within and ask yourself if your health is what it should be.  If it is not, you need to wipe away and clear the energy blockages that are affecting your health.  If your energy is not flowing for you, you have the answers within yourself to allow the energy to flow.  We bring this up because these are things that will make your life a lot easier. There is so much more energy coming onto your planet at this time that it is even more important to be aware of how the energy flows through you.

We thank you for this time with you.  We are open to a couple of questions.

Question: What is happening with the activity of the right brain?

Answer: There are a couple of answers or explanations that will assist you in understanding what is going on. There is an influx of energy coming into the planet, the solar activity coming into the planet, lots of light coming into the planet.  You are moving and being activated from the two new strands of DNA and the left brain is being connected to the right brain.  This causes lots of activity in the brain.  You may feel specifically at the back of your neck some sensation up and down your spine and headaches from the energy being released. There may be a lot more buzzing and ringing in the ears.  Vision is changing as well in a way that your eyes are being adjusted to see the new realities and new dimensions and energies.  You may be feeling sometimes like you’re seeing  through things or seeing double images on top of each other.

Question: What is the purpose of connecting  together the left and right brain?

Answer: This will allow you to be more aware of things that you have an idea that exist, but you will be able to know that they truly are.  It will allow  you to see what’s real as opposed to the reality that you believe is real.  It will allow you to have access to all the knowledge that exists, and many, many more things.  That is what happens after brains fuse together.  It’s simply to allow you to be in the new reality.

Question: Where are we at with the earth changes?  Are the worst effects of Mother Earth releasing energy now passed?

Answer: In our last transmission, it was not our intention to say that the worst was over.  It was our intention to say that a a very large shift in consciousness had taken place and there is still a lot more coming.  What we believe you mean by the worst being over may be from a prominent earth shift perspective.  We also know that you know that the wording the worst is over is simply a matter of perspective.  So just simply know that we feel very excited, as we told you before, and happy that positive consciousness raising changes are happening and the new earth is being created. It is all very exciting, but to say that changes on planet Earth are going to stop is not going to happen at this time. We ask you to put out the energy to assist Mother Earth.  As the energy stands now, there still are other changes coming.  It’s hard for us to say from the space we reside in or make a statement like this, but still more changes are coming.  We ask that you continue to just simply take care of yourself, clear your thoughts, clear your energy and assist Mother Earth.  Many more people and groups are doing this, which is having a tremendously positive effect on the planet.  As dozens of people think positively and focus on cleaning up the ocean, it’s happening instantaneously. So it’s exciting to know that people are starting to understand how powerful they are and what they can do to help others. For us to say it is going to be any worse or any better, we are not going to say that.  More changes are coming. Just continue what you’re doing because everyone is doing a magnificent job assisting. The changes are ramping up.  Time is getting shorter.  We say shorter in that time is compressing.

Question: Are there ships in the beautiful clouds that we have been seeing lately.  Would it be possible to visit these ships?

Answer: There is consciousness in the clouds.  If you were to go to the internet you would find many, many people are posting videos and pictures of these amazing formations in the clouds above them. Some of them look like animals, some of them look like beautiful light ships.  The consciousness that exists up in the sky is in a different form than that in your physical form.  You are in a physical body, but many of the things that you’re seeing in the sky are of the variety where the vibrational weight is the same. So sometimes you can exist on them by simply setting the intention that this is what you truly want. But we would suggest that you play with the clouds.  Because they are consciousness, they enjoy providing you with this beautiful visual.  If you ask them to take a certain form, play with them, they will take that form.

Thank you for your time tonight.  We love you and honor you.  We will be with you always. Good night.


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