If you’ve ever wondered why you’re here and what it all means, the Arcturians can answer these and many other questions.  The Arcturians or Angels of Light are a race of the highest spiritual beings who are here watching over us and paving the way for us to find peace and return home at last.

Home Sweet Home

Doesn’t that feel wonderful? The thought of home brings the feelings of warmth, safety, protection, happiness and comfort. Home can be a place, and it can be a feeling. You can build a house, but not a home. A home is created out of love. It can exist anywhere, and you can always carry it with you.

The phrase “home is where your heart is” seems so simple, but yet is extremely profound at the same time. It so accurately describes what a home truly is, in its simple and more basic form. Our home is where our hearts exist, here and now.

When we are in spirit, in our purest energetic form, we are all connected. We are ONE. When we are one and in our pure energy form connected with each other, we are truly HOME.

Now we are returning to that space, that frequency, that beingness while we are in physical form. We may be separated by body, but we are forever and always connected by spirit. We are reconnecting ourselves to the energy of home while in ourphysical bodies, and we are reconnecting ourselves to each other. We are remembering and awakening to the knowledge that we cannot exist alone — we must allow the knowing to return to us, to reconnect us to each other and to reconnect us to ONEness.

To allow us “Our Return Home”.

When love, respect and gratitude exist, the energies that are needed to sustain life; automatically manifest.”  The Arcturian Circle

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