Reigniting the Power Within

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There is so much going on in the world today that we have decided to concentrate our message on a topic that may be close to home for you. To change the outside world and move it into a peaceful state of existence, we must change our inner world. The single most important and powerful action we can take to help Mother Earth right now is to concentrate on healing ourselves and our relationships.

We ask you to take a look at your own life and that of those around you. Are there people in your life that you are worried about, concerned about, that irritate or upset you? If so, and you are focused on helping them or changing them in some way, you are perpetuating the energy that you are focused on. The only person that you can ever change is yourself. Focusing on someone or something else that is bothering you means you are adding your energy to the situation, and you are amplifying that energy. You are amplifying and magnifying the energy that you do not want.

Although it is never your intent to make bigger the thing you do not like or want, your attention to it will do so. It may start out as something tiny, and by trying to help a friend or loved one our focus and attention to the unwanted thing will cause it to snowball. In other words, the worse it gets, the worse it gets. A constant flow of worry and concern will always attract a similar vibration. The more you worry, the more negative vibration you attract.

If you want to change your relationships with your friends, family or co-workers, you must change your own vibrations. This is important and the key to flowing and living in a very peaceful relationship. When you have a reaction to anyone or anything, it is usually a reflection of something that you feel within yourself. And if you are feeling bad, whether the feelings are justified or not, feeling bad means you are attracting negativity. We suggest that you really start concentrating on what you want and why and not on what you don’t want.

We are talking about the feelings of unconditional love for ourselves and those around us. When we accept that we cannot and should not change those around us and accept them for who they are, we flow our energy in a positive way. When we choose to accept that those around us may act in a way and do things we do not like, we allow them to be who they are and we are flowing unconditional love. The important point to remember here is that we may not like something that someone else has done, but we can CHOOSE to NOT focus on it. Remember, focus is about drawing attention to a subject. Drawing attention to a subject also draws energy to a subject. Allowing your friends, family and co-workers to not have to be perfect and making choices that make you happy place you in a positive vibratory flow.

Does this mean you cannot help someone? Absolutely not. You can help, but you must first ensure that you are in a positive state of vibration. If you want to help someone who is ill and you enter the relationship concerned about how terrible it is for them to be ill, you are amplifying the vibration of their illness. You are not helping them and also not helping yourself. You must keep yourself balanced and centered and allow them to feel the positive flow of your energy and emotion. Allow their energy to connect with and attach to the positive loving vibrations you are sending out. When we view other people as being sick, ill or down on their luck, we are viewing them as inadequate and non-empowered beings. They are not. They have just forgotten the power of their soul. Their light is always present and exists within them. When we recognize this and view them as the beautiful and radiant beings they are, we help them to remember and re-ignite the power within them.

To help the ones you love, remember that they are beautiful souls. See them for that beauty. Love them for who they are, not for who they are not. Remember them in times of happiness, joy and splendor. Bring that energy into the NOW moment. If you want to change things, then you MUST see the change you want to SEE. See it within them and see it within yourself.

As you remember who you are and the beauty and power within yourself and others, you will do the same for your planet. This energy will easily magnify and ripple out. You are extraordinary beings who are remembering who you really are. It is now time to recognize that within all the beings on your planet. Reigniting the remembrance within your own self is an incredibly powerful way to assist in the shifting of your planet.

Thank you for your connection and for allowing us the privilege of the connection.

We love and honor you.

The Arcturian Circle

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