Power of a Fleeting Thought

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You are powerful creators, and we want to help you understand how powerful you are. We also want to assist you in understanding the nuances involved in creating. They seem to be very subtle, but we can assure you they are powerful!

Let us begin.

We would like you to think about a small body of water, a lake or a pool. It really does not matter. Just envision a body of water with two people at opposite ends of this body of water. Each individual is creating powerful waves, the waves are heading for the middle of the pool or lake and will eventually crash into each other. What happens when they crash into each other? They stop. There may be some reverberating waves that occur, but the original waves stop when their power is met by another equal power. If one wave is a little bit stronger then the other wave, it will overcome the other wave and move on, but in a diminished form.

Now imagine the same body of water, and one individual is creating one very small wave at one end of the body of water. You can watch it, and it goes on forever or until it reaches the end of the body of water.

We have asked you to envision this so that we can help you to understand how the power of your thoughts work and why a small, fleeting thought can be more powerful then many larger, repetitive thoughts.

Many of you, when you are concerned about something that is very important to you, will think about it all the time. You have recurring thoughts about it, what it will be like when it happens, how you will react and what you will do when it happens and how you really do not want it to happen. Because you are aware to some extent of the power of your thoughts, you will also remind yourself that you should only be thinking about those things you want to create. So you then begin thinking about what you want from this situation, what you want to happen. This process occupies a great deal of your energy and your time.

Thinking repetitive, opposing thoughts is very similar to the example of the two waves that are coming at each other. When you think about what you want and what you do not want at the same time with equal force and energy, those opposing thoughts will stop each other. If one side has a little bit more force than the other, the energy will begin to materialize but more slowly than one deliberate thought without opposing force.

A very simple, fleeting thought that is not opposed will manifest very rapidly just like the small wave made it to the other side of the body of water. It was a very small wave, but there was nothing in the way to stop it or slow it down.

We feel that this illustration will be very powerful when you apply the underlying truth to your daily life. Many of you expend lots of energy thinking, re-thinking and thinking again about a situation, person or experience. You roll it over and over again in your mind. You think about what you do not want, and you also think about what you do want. You are creating and recreating at the same time. You are thinking about one thing, and then you are thinking opposing thoughts about this one thing. You know you do this, but because it is something that is very important you continue to do it. You have been taught that you must put all your energy and effort into something that is very important to you.

We ask you to re-think that premise. We want you to be more relaxed and to have more energy within your bodies and minds for you. Repetitive thinking is a waste of time and energy. You have much more important things to do than to dwell on the same thought over and over again. We also understand that many of you do this type of repetitive thinking because it has become a habit and is embedded into your cellular memory as a way of doing. We assure you that you can reprogram your cellular memory if you have clear focus and desire to do so.

We ask that you set an intention right now that you will release the need for repetitive thinking. Set one very clear and strong intention and then let it go. We then suggest that you maintain consciousness about your thinking for 33 days. Be aware of your thoughts, and when you find you are thinking repetitively orthinking about things that you do not want in your reality, stop and think one very strong, powerful and focused thought about what you want. Then let it go! We promise you that if you do that for 33 consecutive days, you will have reprogrammed yourself!

It truly is very easy once you understand how powerful the energy of your thoughts are.  Another way to think about this is that it is very similar to placing an order. If you place an order for exactly what you want and then let it go, the order will be fulfilled. But if you place an order and then change the order, it takes longer. Or if you place an order and cancel it, then place it again and then cancel it again and so on, it may never get to you or you may get an order that you do not want.

You are a very powerful creator. When you choose your thoughts consciously and clearly, you create with ease. It is our greatest desire that you clear your minds and have more time for relaxation, joy and happiness.

We are grateful for this interaction and connection.
We are complete.
The Arcturian Circle

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