Manifesting Your Source Energy

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Listen to the live channeled recording.

We’d like to talk about a theme that you’ve been talking about for a little while, but we’d like to take it to the next level and to help you really ramp things up big time. We want you to know that nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and things are pretty bad right now if you look in the outside world. Things look pretty dim, pretty dark. But we don’t want you to look there, and we would ask you why are you looking there to begin with. You shouldn’t be looking there. You have the ability to create your own reality in the blink of an eye, and it is really time to start using that ability. We don’t want to hear any of this idea that you can’t do it, it’s not possible. We promise you that it’s absolutely possible to be able to create things very quickly.

You have all talked about tonight things that have manifested very quickly for you, and we promise you that it is very easy to do. It is simple. It is as simple as clearing your mind. Ah, but that’s the tough part, isn’t it, clearing your mind? So, this is where we want to start talking about this mind of yours. Your mind is an amazing piece of machinery. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s a biological machine, and you have the ability to program it.

What is happening right now for many humans on the Earth is that your left brain and your right brain are beginning to become connected again. They are growing together, but until that fully happens you will need to work some to stop the overywork of your brain. You have been programmed life, after life, after life to use your brain, and now we want to ask you to deprogram your brain. The only thing that you want to think about are the things that you want to create. You don’t need to think about things over and over and over again. It is the energy of now. You have shifted into a fourth dimensional reality. All that means is that your energy has moved up several vibrations, and you are living in a fourth dimensional reality. We will call it that because we do not know what to call it that you would relate to. It is simply a higher vibration than where you were residing a year ago or even three weeks ago. A major vibrational change happened three or four days ago. Some of you recognized it even seven days ago, but all of you and your families have been through a huge vibrational change within the last week.

So we want you to begin thinking about what you want to create, and we want you to detach yourself from the outside world because you believe that there are structures in the outside world that keep you from having and doing and being what you want. Did you hear what I said? You believe that there are structures and policies and procedures and agencies and people and the government that keeps you from doing and having and being who you want. And why do you think that is? Because you allow it to be so. This is not about disallowing things to happen. This is about allowing you to be who you want to be. And you have to take charge and take responsibility. And it sounds like this would be a difficult thing to do, but it is not. If you think about what you believe God to be, if you think about what Source Energy is, is there anything that Source Energy cannot do? We know that you already know the answer to that or you would not be here. We know that you believe that Source Energy is omnipotent. It can do and be anything. So why do you think being in a physical suit limits you? It does not. It doesn’t. But yet when you come forth into physical manifestation, all of the programming that has been with you from the first day that you became a human being is still with you. And we say that you can’t get rid of that programming. We say that you simply need to reprogram yourself again. The children get it. The animals know. The plant kingdom knows. And now it is time for humans to match up their energy with the animals and the children and the minerals and all the beings that are in light.

We want you to start thinking of yourselves as being Beings of Light. The Arcturians that you talk to, who we are, you are also them. That energy is you. If you were in spirit form or if you were in Source form or if you were God, would there be anything that you could not do? Would you be limited? We think not. It is simply the programming and all of the cellular memory that you carry from yourselves from all of the existences that you have been. But here is another little tip. It is not just your cellular memory that you tap into because you are connected, you have access to all cellular memory from everyone around you. And bigger than that, you have memory of the species that you exist from. That seems like a lot to carry around, and we are telling you that you can block access to that by simply allowing your Source to flow through you and to set an intent to act and think and feel and believe only from Source Energy. All you do is, when you get up in the morning you say, “I will act and feel and exist through Source energy. Everything that I do and everything that I feel, everything that I think, all decisions that I make, everything that I am will allow Source Energy to flow through me. I will allow my physical experience to enjoy the Source Energy flowing through me. And I will allow Source Energy to guide me and to make the decisions that I make on a daily basis. I will not do it from my physical mind. I will allow Source Energy to guide me.” You can do this because we are all a part of that Source Energy.

Here’s another little thing that is so amazing. We can’t believe that this sometimes goes unknown. But when you begin to act from Source Energy as often as you can, the people around you, the people that are sitting in this room, also get the benefit. How exciting is that? Remember the numbers that we told you about regarding amplification of energy? That amplification happens not just when you are setting powerful intentions to heal the world or yourself, but it also happens when you are experiencing wonderful things. So, tonight we ask you to set an intention to allow Source Energy to flow through you. That means your soul, divine Source, God, whatever you want to call it, your higher self, will guide you and will act through you. That’s truly the integration of the energies that you have let go of through your many lifetimes. As you have lived, less and less of your Source Energy has flowed through you. And as you live now, today is the day, this is the lifetime, this is the time for you to realize that you can allow that Source Energy to guide you.

And we will remind you one more time that it is something that is very simple to do. This is not a hard thing. You just ask every morning, you connect to your soul and ask that your soul guide and experience everything that you do during that day. And then you need to get out of the way and allow it to happen. Many of you don’t listen to the gentle nudges that happen. And those gentle nudges are the things that guide you. And if you get a nudge, make sure you act on it because it is your soul guiding you.

We thank you for your time and your energy. We thank you for your connection. We thank you for allowing us to be with you, for through this connection we expand with you and through you as you expand yourselves.

We are complete.

Listen to the live channeled recording.

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