How can I personally connect with and communicate with the Arcturians?

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This is a very exciting question, and we are so happy that there are others that would like to connect with our energy. We are open and available to anyone who would like to connect with us. Many of you resonate deeply to our energy for many reasons. Some of you originated from our planet, Some of you have spent time on our planet, and others can connect deeply to the energy of our vibration for Arcturus is a model for the future of your beautiful planet, Earth. It matters not why you feel drawn to our energy, You only need a desire to connect to us as we also want to connect with each of you.

Telepathic or channeled communication is something that is possible by everyone on your planet, and we will provide you with a basic template for connecting with us. We do want you to understand that each of you will receive our energy or information in a way that makes sense for you. Some people will receive information with us through writing, others through images and still others through thoughts and words. Because you are individuals with preferences, you will need to find the way that works best for you. We will provide you a basic template for connecting, and you can use this template and practice. If you find you need more personalized instructions, we suggest that you request a personalized session with Debbie.

The key to connecting with the Arcturian Circle is to detach yourself from your ego. Just let go of your thinking mind and relax. We suggest that you place yourself in a space that feels very comfortable. Prepare yourself as you would prepare yourself for a meditation experience. Begin by breathing very slowly and very deeply. Relaxing your body and relaxing your mind. Let go of all mind talk or mind chatter. You can do this by just setting an intention to do so. Simply say to yourself, “I now let go of all mind chatter.” Take a deep breath and let it go.

We highly recommend that you connect yourself to Mother Earth for grounding purposes at this point. Ask Mother Earth to assist you in grounding your core to her core. Imagine that you have roots growing out of the bottom of your feet and going deep down into Mother Earth. Thank her for assisting you in this grounding.

Now set an intent to connect to only those beings of light and love. Feel and see your heart center opening and expanding. The key to connecting with the Arcturian Circle is to do so through your heart center. You can expand your heart center by remembering a time when you were very loved and very happy. Once you remember this time, now remember the feeling and allow that feeling to permeate your heart center. Breathe in that feeling, and see your heart center expand and open very deeply. You can also open your heart center by placing the image of a rosebud on top of your chest where your heart rests. Take a deep breath and see and feel the rose blooming and opening. Take another deep breath and see it opening and blooming. As the rose opens and blooms so your heart center expands in concert.

Now your heart center is open. This is the channel for connecting to the higher realms and for connecting to the Arcturian Circle. Now ask for a heart-to-heart connection to the Arcturian Circle. You can assist this connecting by seeing a light connection or a laser beam of light moving out from your heart center and soaring upwards to connect with the Arcturian Circle. We, the Arcturian Circle, consist of 12 light beings.radiating with many different colors (amethyst purple, rose, emerald green, forest green, sunshine yellow, turquoise, sky blue, red, orange, light pink, dark teal and lime green). Many people, when they connect to us, see our colors and some see columns of light. You may also see us in our pure energetic form of eight- foot tall beings with very large wings and a face that looks a bit like a praying mantis. It really does not matter if you see us or not, just knowing that you are connecting to us through your heart center is all that is needed.

You are now connected to us. Your heart center to our heart center. We suggest that you just allow yourself to sit with the connection and allow the energy to flow between us. Allow yourself to feel the connection. When you are ready simply think your question, and we will respond. Whatever you want to know, we are happy to respond. Please know that you may receive your answers through images, thoughts, feeling or words. Each of you is tuned differently and has a preference for how you receive telepathic or energetic communication. Take your time and allow the information to flow between us. We are here to assist, and we love any and all connections between the ourselves and you.

Also remember that you have grown up communicating via verbal language. So, to move back into your initial form of communication may take some practice. Relaxing and disengaging your mind is really critical to receiving our energy.

Also, if you would like healing energy for your physical, mental or emotional body; ask us and give us permission to provide that to you. We are here to assist you, but you must ask.

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