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What are we here to do?  How can we do it better?  Do we have individual roles or must we act together to be more successful?


Ah, this is a simple question, but a very deep one as well.  This is the question that everyone wants to know the answer to when they begin to open up to the process of remembering. When you are young, very young as children, you already know the answer to this question.  As you grow older, however, your memory and connection to your Source (yourself in spirit) begins to fade along with your memories of where you came from, and you no longer know the answer to this question.  There are some people who carry threads of who they were into adulthood, but most of you through the process of “growing up” totally and completely forget.  This is not a judgment. It is simply a statement of “what is.”  We are not here to judge the process that you’ve created for expansion.  We are here to assist you.

Let us talk a bit about the process of forgetting and why it happens.  You come into physical form to experience individuality or being separated from yourself and from spirit, from Source energy.  This is a contrasting situation.  Contrast creates expansion.  So, you come into your physical form and you have been doing this for a very, very long time. You take your energy and place it in a physical creation of form, a form that is totally and completely separate from other creations of form. There is a connection to Source that is very present when you first come into physical form, and as you grow older that connection becomes fuzzy.  You forget how to use it to connect to Source.  It is a very interesting process, is it not?

Every time that you come into physical form, you carry forth cellular memories of what has come before.  You are able to access some of these memories, but usually you do not understand what they are and why they are affecting you.  That is  another way in which you have constructed the process of your expansion.  It is like a jigsaw puzzle that keeps growing with new pieces being added, and you have to keep re-evaluating what the original image is.

Somewhere along this process of expansion, awareness begins to grow that is more related to who you are than what is in your physical form, your body.  This spark of true identity begins to grow with each passing lifetime and eventually comes to a point.  We call this the “great awakening.”  A spark is ignited.  You remember that you are more than your body.  You begin to ask questions and the process of remembering kicks in, and for you the process of remembering is both magical and frustrating.  You have this little spark that ignites other little sparks, and you want it all to happen immediately.  Alas, that is another step that you’ve created to aid in the process of expansion. Each and every one of you have experienced the seesaw, zig-zag  or wave-like pattern of expansion and remembering. You use the speech pattern of one step forward and two steps back to explain this process. Please know that this pattern also was created to aid in your expansion process.  We plan to give you some practical advice as to how to allow this process to flow more freely, but we feel it is important to explain some things first. Sequence is important for now.

Many of you experience the process of ascension or remembering (they are the same) from multiple points of view. Each of your chooses your state of being for the specific purpose of expanding.  As you look around at each other, you can identify with the aspects of what each of you is experiencing.  We want you to know that even though you have separated yourselves by placing your energy in a body, you are in fact not separate at all.  What you experience and feel individually, the whole experiences and feels.  What an individual (we find this an interesting term because no one is actually an individual) experiences, the whole experiences.  We know that at some level this makes sense, but this is not how you were programmed.  The DNA inside you was programmed as an individual, and the dormant DNA that is now activating will again plug you into the whole.

You have been acting individually for a long time, and that is exactly what was supposed to happen.  You are beginning to understand and feel the need to move together in groups of like-minded individuals.  You feel good when you are with these  individuals even if you do nothing.  Just the simple act of being together helps you to feel more complete.  You start feeling that it is no longer necessary to search for whatever it is that you have been eternally searching for.  You begin to feel at ease,  safe and satisfied.  This is the beginning to your return home.

To answer your question as to whether we must act together to be more successful, we would say that your natural state of being is to be connected.  Therefore, it is natural for you to be together as ONE.  You have created yourself as a being that has free will and free choice.  You do not need to do anything.  If you choose to be separate from the whole, then that is your choice.  What we want to say here is that being separated is not your natural state of being.  The process you as a whole have set out to create is one of coming together.  Energies and outcomes are amplified when you come together.  You may choose the path that feels the best for you.

Let us give you an example of the magnification of your energies when you come together. If there are 12 of you gathered together with focused intent, your energy generates the same energy as 144,000 people.  If there  are six of you gathered together with focused intent, your energies are equivalent to 36,000 people. You can figure this out yourself by multiplying the number of people gathered together with focused intent (this is important).

Multiply that number by itself and then by 1000.

For example:

8 people gathered together with focused intent
Multiplied by itself
8 x 8 = 64
64 multiplied by 1000

Each and every one of you has the same exact life purpose.  OK, this is big.  It is to remember who you are or, to say it in a different way, to reconnect to Source energy.  How each of you chooses to achieve this purpose is different.  And each of you has chosen multiple ways to create your journey and move back into total and complete connection to Source. The path of least resistance is the easiest way to go.  We give you three very important pieces of advice.

(1)  Be happy

(2)  Generate love for yourself and others

(3)  When you are not feeling happy, execute #2

Finding ways to love others and yourself will generate happiness. We told you this was very simple, but very deep.  When you are looking for your path or are in situations where you feel lonely, challenged or deeply sad, we ask that you ask yourself how you can offer love to someone.  When you offer love to someone, you must first offer it to yourself.  When you focus on love, happiness naturally follows.  You are here to be happy and to love yourself and others.  When you begin to focus on the love for others, you begin to feel happiness.  One does not happen without the other.  And here’s the big AHA moment:  You Will Remember When You Choose to Serve Others Through Love.  Love Brings Happiness and Happiness Brings Remembering. One last AHA:  When You Love Others, You Are Loving Yourself, for You ARE NOT Separate From Anyone.

Excerpt from transmission of August 21, 2009

We would like to provide you with a little message about being separated from each other or being separated by your bodies. Part of the remembering process is remembering that you are not separate.  Through most of your lives you have been taught to be independent, be strong for yourself and to accept that the only person you can really count on is yourself. Today we want to tell you that this was a premise put into place to create an expansion experience.  It could be deemed to be an obstacle, and you now are beginning to remember and know that you are not separate beings.  You are all ONE.  So, let us ask you a question.  If you are not separate when you are in spirit or outside of physical form and that is your natural state,  then what do you need to do to bring yourself back to that natural state when you are in physical form?  The answer will be a little bit different for each person, each individual.  But we are putting this out there so you can begin to see why you, as a group, are coming together.  You are not supposed to do this journey alone.  True reconnection to who you are is about reconnecting to who you are while you are in physical form.  For the next stage of your expansion, you must do it together.

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