Arcturian Peace Meditation

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This Arcturian Peace meditation was recently given to me to give to you. Anytime that you would like to bring in more peace within yourself, within your environment and to those around you; your friends, your family, everyone on the earth and to Mother Earth herself.

I request the opening of the Arcturian Circle.

Please come to me now and surround me with Light, Love, Peace and Serenity.

Please assist me in clearing and releasing all energies that are not of Love and Peace.

Please help me to remain detached from the noise and static of fear.

Allow my heart center to expand exponentially with the frequencies of Love, Peace and Serenity.

Please help me stay centered and balanced in these energies and to carry them with me wherever I go.

Please help me to spread peace, love, light and serenity to everyone I interact with, see and connect with.

Help me carry love and peace with me wherever I go and to impart these energies within the places I visit.

Assist me in understanding and knowing that the greatest gift I can offer Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants; is to completely and fully love and accept myself.

All that is within me and all that is around me is Peace, Love, Light and Serenity.

Arcturian Circle, I thank you for your guidance and loving presence.

I now close with great gratitude.

Thank you.

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