An Arcturian Guided Prayer for the U.S. East Coast

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You are all powerful creators. We would like to guide you in a mode of prayer that will allow you to create very quickly by merging your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings must be in synch to allow your vibrational feeling system to carry out your intentions and manifestations.

Please begin by placing yourself in a quiet and calm state. Then you can place thoughts of love, peace and harmony into your mind. The next step is for you to feel the emotions of love, peace and harmony. It may help you to remember a time when you were experiencing these emotions. Tap into those memories and allow them to come fully into the present moment. Allow yourself to fill up your entire being with these emotions. Feel them fully. As you are feeling the emotions of peace, love and harmony; begin to send them out from your heart center. Just imagine that you are beaming these feelings out to the East Coast of the United States. Allow yourself to fully feel this area of the U.S. completely engulfed in love, peace and harmony. You are feeling it as it exists within you and you now allow it to exist, right now; within the East Coast of the U.S. You acknowledge great gratitude for this energy to be present. You acknowledge that it done!

Please remember that it is essential to come from the vibration, place or space of love, peace and harmony. To come from a place where you pray for what does not exist, means you are focused on what does not exist and your vibration will not be tuned to what you want. You must first tune your vibration to peace, love and harmony. Once your have tuned yourself to those vibrations you can send them out through your heart center and truly create what you want.

Although we brought this forth for what is currently happening on the East Coast of the U.S., please know that it can be used for any situation.

We Love and Honor You All!

The Arcturian Circle

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